Another Creative Project By EDI Experts ; “İzmir Design Factory” Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Project Has Accepted !

We are glad to announce that “İzmir Design Factory” Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership project has accepted by Turkish National Agency !

The Project will coordinated by European Development Institute’s  experts Esra Gönen, Paolo Montemurro,Tânia Santos, Mustafa Memiş and Kerime Eskiocak with the partnership of Polytechnic of Porto, Porto Design Factory, Yaşar University, Aegean Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ESIAD), Matera Hub and EFTA – Education & Future Tech Assosiaciton and European Development Institute.
The aim of the project “İzmir Design Factory” is to establish Turkey’s first international design center associated with universities, private sector, professional chambers and non-governmental organizations. İzmir Design Factory- IDF will establish in İzmir to advance knowledge and nurture leaders and innovators to anticipate, serve or solve societal and economic needs, through an integrated interdisciplinary education program, focused on developing the skills required by an ever-changing world and determined to cocreate new knowledge and innovation with societal stakeholders. The center to be built within Originn Coworking, Turkey’s largest coworking area, will focus on fashion, interior design, service design and food design by utilizing the local capacity and needs of Izmir. The young people who will participatein the certified and accredited vocational education programs to be established within the scope of the center will first intern at the Porto Design Factory in Porto, one of the biggest design centers of the EU. These young people will then work in teams on design and innovation-based work to be taken from firms in Turkey and Europe, especially in Izmir, and develop innovative solutions. IDF, which will provide R&D support to corporate firms and smes, will enable the young people to gain business and career experience by allowing them to work directly in international teams
The importance of design as an activity to bring new ideas to the market has been recognised in the Innovation Union, a flagship initiative of the Europe 2020 Growth Strategy.
The European Commission aims to: increase the use of design for innovation and growth across Europe o raise awareness of howdesign-driven innovation increases efficiency in public services and drives business growth o createcapacity and competencies to deliver these policies.
Izmir Design Factory, which will provide R&D support to corporate firms and smes, will enable the youngpeople to gain business and career experience by allowing them to work directly in internationalteams. With all of the above mentioned aspects, the project directly covers the priorities ofinnovation, entrepreneurship, employment and professional qualification of Erasmus+, as well asoffers a concrete contribution to the development action plans of the EU.
European Development Institute plan to disseminate Design Factory concept as the best practice of Erasmus+ Programme project among Europe. EDI will start to work on a new KA2 project for 2019 April Call with the partnership of Espacio Arroelo Coworking which is founded by EDI Expert África Rodríguez.
EDI contributes to many international projects as a partner institution particularly in EU funded programs such as;  Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships( Youth,  Vocational Training, Higher Education, School Education, Adult Training), Cosme and Horizon.
Feel free to contact us by sending an email to to learn more about our several project experiences and to make partner EDI for your  future project proposal.
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