European Development Institute

Sustainable Development

The mission of EDI is to and put sustainable projects into practice in order to contribute Millennium Development Goals and the EU’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable.

Entrepreneurship And Startups

European Development Institute contains 16 individual experts from different disciplines and institutions such as; universities,  and private companies.

Future Techs

In addition to experts in Sustainable Development, FutureTech, Entrepreneurship & Startups categories, EDI Team includes professional project managers as well.


About Us

EDI is based in Brussels and carries out its activities by bringing 12 different institutions and 16 experts from Europe and neighbor countries together. EDI’s activities are focused in three main categories with its experienced experts and institutional partnerships.

EDI’s activities and expertise are focused on 3 basic fields. It develops projects in the fields of sustainable development, entrepreneurship & startups, and FutureTech which are the most important developments in today’s world that can make a difference in social and individual development.