The European Development Network continues to pave the way of new collaborations and partnerships in Europe!

The Network held the second ‘’European Development Network Summit’’ in Brussels with the participation of more than 40 institutions from 16 different countries from all over the EU and its neighbouring countries. The Summit brought together NGOs, private sector, public bodies and universities that are actively working in the thematic areas of the Network to create more opportunities.

European Development Network provided a unique experience of networking for its members by bringing together so many different organizations from different countries and fields of work. The Summit provided a great opportunity for networking to all the participating organizations to expand their domain to the interdisciplinary level.

The Summit was held between 25 November – 2 December. During the Summit, the institutions found the chance to take part in various workshops. They found the chance to receive information about EU projects, participated in thematic EU funding workshops, transferred best practices and innovation and created new projects to apply for 2020!

European Development Network has also made a study visit to the European Parliament on 28th November where it brought together its members with the EU representatives to talk about the European Union’s work in the thematic fields that EDN works.

European Development Network keeps being a pioneer network for all of its members in its thematic fields of work!


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Which Came First the Creative Person the Creative Industries?

As everyone knows, chicken and egg situation is widely accepted dilemma. Correspond to it, the new question has arisen recently with the development of creativity and innovation concepts. With the assumption that individual creativity will create prosperity, the Creative Industries that intersect with the concept of innovation commonly used in the world of economics have the potential to directly influence the practices that transform higher education in Europe. In parallel with individualization, it is the dominant view that the increase in the number of creative individuals raises the creative industries and these emerging industries are pioneers in the development of new creative individuals. So it is the process and system feed each other.
EDIWhich Came First the Creative Person the Creative Industries?
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Importance of Internship for Youth Employment in EU

Since the global financial crisis, high youth-unemployment rates have been a problem across the world. One region that has been hit particularly hard by this problem is Europe — in both its developed economies and its emerging ones. In a recent note to clients, Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Michael Hartnett and Brian Leung shared a chart showing the youth-unemployment rates across EU countries.
EDIImportance of Internship for Youth Employment in EU
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How Can We Make Life Easier for Disabled People by Erasmus?

The EU promotes the active inclusion and full participation of disabled people in society, in line with the EU human rights approach to subject. Disability is a rights issue and not a matter of politeness in line with UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The European Commission’s European Disability Strategy 2010-2020, adopted in 2010, builds on the UNCRPD.  A Progress Report presenting the achievements, up to 2016, on the implementation of the Strategy has been published in February 2017.

EDIHow Can We Make Life Easier for Disabled People by Erasmus?
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