Which Came First the Creative Person the Creative Industries?

As everyone knows, chicken and egg situation is widely accepted dilemma. Correspond to it, the new question has arisen recently with the development of creativity and innovation concepts. With the assumption that individual creativity will create prosperity, the Creative Industries that intersect with the concept of innovation commonly used in the world of economics have the potential to directly influence the practices that transform higher education in Europe. In parallel with individualization, it is the dominant view that the increase in the number of creative individuals raises the creative industries and these emerging industries are pioneers in the development of new creative individuals. So it is the process and system feed each other.

Importance of Internship for Youth Employment in EU

Since the global financial crisis, high youth-unemployment rates have been a problem across the world. One region that has been hit particularly hard by this problem is Europe — in both its developed economies and its emerging ones. In a recent note to clients, Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Michael Hartnett and Brian Leung shared a chart showing the youth-unemployment rates across EU countries.

2. Solution Suggestion – 7 Steps to Success in Erasmus + Strategic Partnership Projects

We need to bring a solution suggestion to the problems which we determined in detail to create a realistic impact in the previous phase of this blog “1. Problem Analysis – 7 Steps to Success in Erasmus + Strategic Partnership Projects” This suggestion should emphasize on issues like innovation, open source, developing digital skills, inclusion in the program in order to be considered as an appropriate idea within Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships.