International Internship Incubation Looking for Its Interns!

Turkey’s first internship center was established via International Internship Incubation (3I) project in the scope Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership which is executed by the EDI experts Tania Santos, Mustafa Memiş and Kerime Eskiocak.

The project’s mission is to enhance youth’s professional adequacy to the market and to increase their employability by providing internship experience in Turkey and European countries such as Portugal, Serbia, Belgium and Italy, and create new job opportunities through this experience!

Vocational Trainings to be carried out for 4 months are going to be in the fields of Digital Design, Social Media Management and Digital Advertising.  These trainings will be performed by experts in these fields using common training methods such as presentations, brainstorms, group studies, applied workshops and case studies, and participants will be asked to develop their own project during these 4 months.

Young participants who complete their training will be able to get an internship for 1 – 1.5 months in the companies operating in Co-working areas in Izmir or in the aforementioned EU countries!

The 3I project is activated and looking for the 22-30 aged interns who will take 4 months-vocational training. 50 young participants will have this opportunity.

For more information visit  website.
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