Creative Upcycling for Sustainable Art & Design: Building Creative Upcycling Community (Crea-Up Project)

Art and design have a unique capacity to create green jobs, raise awareness, to challenge social habits and foster behavioural changes in our societies, including our general attitude towards nature. Based on this idea, the Crea-Up project’s main objective is to build a creative community dealing with reuse, repurpose and upcycling of waste or useless/dysfunctional products in order to provide sustainable design/ art and a sustainable economy. With that aim, project gives the opportunity to develop the skills and capacity of designers by organizing 10 days working lab and develop a business model for upcycling to provide sustainable economic growth opportunities for the creative community. Moreover, during the project the knowledge and awareness about sustainable consumption, upcycling, reuse and repurpose in society are going to be raised by Crea-Up workshop and exhibition series with the contribution of conference series as well. All these activities will be the part of the Crea-Up Guide which is a part of the Area-Up platform where upcycle designers and society can get benefit from and it directly related to the scope, priorities, objectives of the call and the Green Deal and European New Bauhaus actions referred to in the call.