What is green entrepreneurship and why is it important?

The most important issues of today are protecting the environment and leaving a clean environment to future generations. It is important for the development of green entrepreneurship that the viewpoint of the society towards nature and green production is changing day by day and promoting it. This will naturally bring with it the importance and importance of vital issues such as conservation of energy and green, recycling gaining importance, promoting reusability and the development of the economy.

Entrepreneurial activity is a continuosly growing field of business. Recent ecological problems have resulted in entrepreneurial activities being affected by ecological approaches..

Increasing environmental awareness day by day increases the needs of societies for ecology friendly entrepreneurs. The limited natural resources, the increase in the world population and the decrease in biodiversity play an important role in the formation of concerns about ecology. While the tendency to consume more products creates environmental damage, many businesses try to raise awareness of the consumption of natural resources. The main purpose of all this is to ensure sustainable growth. Green entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs who have such a perspective. The main difference that distinguishes green entrepreneurs from traditional entrepreneurs is that green entrepreneurs want to create a business model that is economically profitable, environmentally conscious and creates social value.

Green entrepreneurs are important for economic development. Green entrepreneurs can make a significant contribution to eliminating unemployment, poverty and environmental problems. Green entrepreneurs have a greater role in environmentally friendly practices and environmental tasks than other entrepreneurs. They can provide environmentally friendly products and services or clean technology assistance etc. they contribute to the green economy.

Protecting the environment is one of the most important issues of our time. Therefore, it is important to support green entrepreneurs to increase their number.

“A photo from our Hack The Farm project that aims to contribute to sustainable development activities based on innovative agricultural activities by expanding the “innovative approach model in agriculture” experience among young farmers.”

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