Youth Builds Up Green Future: Eco Innovation

Title : Youth Builds Up Green Future: Eco Innovation

Category : Sustainable Development, Innovation

Target Group : Engineering Students and Newly Graduated Engineers

Project Aims:

The green, sustainable economy idea, which provides advantages in competition and creates added value and is considered to shape the future is an indispensable term for the young people who are employed or prepared to be employed.

With reference to these needs and reasons, this project is required to cover the need of “eco-innovation and sustainable development”. The students of faculty of engineering that are or will be employed in the production processes of the most polluted industries (construction, energy, manufacture, petrochemical, agriculture etc) and have the most immediate needs and young engineers that are working in these sectors have been specified as target audience. The basic objective of our project is to form and implement “Eco-Innovation for Youth” training program that will support developing of competences for contributing to these targets by providing improvement of the production processes by the target audience.

Outputs :

  • Training Package of Eco-Innovation
  • You-Greenate Interactive Platform
  • Sustainable Ideas Network

Activities :

  • Developing Eco-Innovation Training Package
  • Establishing and Developing You-Greenate Interactive Platform
  • Young Engineering Meet-Ups
  • International Training of Eco-Innovation Training Module
  • Butterfly Effect Dissemination Event
  • Launching and Maintaining Sustainable Ideas Network
Youth Builds Up Green Future: Eco Innovation