Sustainable Employment Center

Title : Sustainable Employment Center

Category : Sustainable Development, Employment

Target Group : Graduated Unemployed Youth, Green Collars

Project Aims

The main objective of our project is to support generation of alternative employment areas with high added value to increase employment rates in educated youth population across the EU countries. As a sustainable and tangible step to this end, it will ensure the establishment of a “Sustainable Employment Center” of an international character that will provide completely free service to unemployed youth. This center in Turkey will ensure the transfer and implementation of good examples from all over the world, particularly from European countries in terms of green professions and will be a bridge between organizations offering green jobs and young people who seek employment opportunities in this field. For this, it will ensure the education and guidance of young people to be specialized in green career fields in order to meet the needs of organizations offering green job opportunities.

Outputs :

  • Green Employment Opportunities Programme
  • Internet Platform

Activities :

  • Developing Online Platform and Mobile Application
  • Creating Green Employment Opportunities Program
  • Employer – Employee Meetings
  • Intersectoral Meetings
  • Sustainable Employment Training Program
  • Networking Activities
  • Green Career Planning Workshops
  • Consultancy & Seminar & Conferences & Dissemination Meetings
EDISustainable Employment Center