Social Innovation For Social Change

Title: Social Innovation For Social Change

Category : Entrepreneurship and Startups

Target Group : Potential Social Entrepreneurs, University Graduates

Project Aims :

Social Innovation For Social Change project aims to build competitive knowledge-based European youth societies through developing their entrepreneurial potential and creativity competencies; and to transfer these into a workable solution against youth unemployment by closing the gap between the more advanced and successful EU members and the countries lagging behind. Social Innovation For Social Change  will encourage European partnership at a multi-level platform by linking the institutional environment – local authorities, business, NGOs, with the high educational institutions to operationalize a cross-sectoral and transparent European cooperation in education and training.

Outputs :

  • EU Youth Entrepreneurship Toolkit and Training Guide
  • ``Innovation for Social Change`` Internet Platform

Activities :

  • Preparing and Finalizing The Toolkit and Training Guide
  • Test Training for The Toolkit and Training Guide
  • Establishing a Innovation for Social Change Internet Platform
  • Changemakers Activities
  • International Young Social Entrepreneurs Exchanges
EDISocial Innovation For Social Change