Reviving Handicrafts Through Digital Technologies (DIGI-CRAFT)

New technologies and digital communication are transforming societies, changing lifestyles, consumption patterns and traditional crafts. Especially with the effect of globalization, fabricated products caused mostly handicraft products to be forgotten and these arts to disappear. New models of working and new modes of production are inevitably changing the role of crafts in today’s society. Traditional handicrafts and craftspeople also faced extinction when they could not keep up with the change brought by the digital age. Reviving the forgotten traditional crafts will begin with their adaptation to the digital world. This includes acquiring digital skills such as digital design, digital sales and marketing. At the same time, it will be possible by craftspeople to transfer traditional skills, techniques, methods and all other elements to the new generation. In this way, both traditional and contemporary creative communities will come together to exchange knowledge and experience, and their digital skill capacities will be developed through trainings. The digital technologies will be used; -To embed digital technology in the hand making process -To promote and market crafts creations with through digital channels (digital sales and marketing) -To record and disseminate the craft knowledge and skills -To transfer handicrafts skills and knowledge The aim of the Digi-Craft project is to revive and preserve traditional handicrafts in Europe and transfer the traditional skills on to new generations by improving the digital skills of craftspeople. The project will also enhance the collaboration and knowledge exchange between traditional craftspeople and contemporary designers. SEE PROJECT DETAILS