New Horizons for Young Entrepreneurs

Overall, our project aims to create new employment opportunities by promoting qualified entrepreneurship in general. In doing so, it has identified a specific area of study to address the problems of startup costs, mentor support and inability to create teams, which are seen as the biggest obstacles for young entrepreneur candidates. This area has been narrowed down based on our previous studies. In this way, with a relatively small project, we will be able to create tangible effect on 40 participants directly and 10 thousand young people through the dissemination activities that we will carry out indirectly.

We offer a clearly defined solution for the 3 main problems identified in our project by using the research that we carried out throughout the world and our own experience.

This proposal is the popularization of coworking workspaces and coworking culture.

The project "New Horizons for Young Entrepreneurs: Coworking Culture" has set out in order to meet these 3 specifically identified basic needs. The goal is to develop a culture of Coworking throughout Europe and to direct young people to these areas, as a result reducing the start-up costs, eliminating the lack of mentors and increasing the opportunities to create qualified teams.