Increase Your Employability: Applied Business Management Education

Title : Increase Your Employability: Applied Business Management Education

Category : Entrepreneurship and Startups, Youth Unemployment

Target Group : University Students, Management School Students

Project Aims :

Today, university students have hard time to find a job after graduation in the countries and economic regions producing low added value products. The ones, who find it, start to work with a salary and working conditions at minimum wage level. One of underlying reasons is that incomparability of knowledge and experience given in the higher education with the experience and knowledge level requested by the work force market. That is, the requirements of the market are very different from the things thought in higher education. The objective of our project is to create applied business management training module to enhance the social wealth through increasing employability and betterment of starting working conditions after graduation of the specified target audience. This module targets to teach the young theoretical information and problems and processes that they encounter in an applied way. This training module basing on the non-formal training methods will have a content to be used both by teachers and learners, to include open source ICT tools

Outputs :

  • Applied Business Management Education Module
  • Competetive Youth for Business Platform
  • Online Career Guidance Tool

Activities :

  • Preparing and Finalizing The Toolkit and Training Guide
  • Pilot Training of The Produced Module
  • Employment Gathering Between Employees and Students
  • Competetive Youth for Business Summit
  • Sub-Module Training Workshops
  • Local Dissemination Workshops
EDIIncrease Your Employability: Applied Business Management Education