Green Business Vocational Competence Development Project (Green-PRO)

Our project “Green Business Vocational Competence Development Project-Green-PRO” aims to develop the vocational skills of entrepreneurs or entrepreneur candidates from different sectors who want to transform their initiatives into a “green business” or want to create one.

The specific objectives of the project:

-Contributing to the increase of environment-conscious entrepreneurs, thus providing the breeding ground for starting and sustaining a green economy

-With the production of “Green-PRO” VET training program, equipping entrepreneurs or candidates with the necessary skills to become green entrepreneurs

-Contributing to green entrepreneurship and vocational skills of participants with 25-hour online and 6-day Green-PRO Mobility in Rheine

-While developing entrepreneurs and entrepreneur candidates’ green skills, contributing to the green economy and transformation of EU start-ups outlined within “European Green Deal”

Our project aims to carry out activities and trainings in order to provide support to entrepreneurs or entrepreneur candidates to adopt green practices within their business and make contributions to their transformation into environment-conscious entrepreneurs.

The planned activities comprise of a VET program that trains participants in terms of green practices and how to adapt them into their own initiatives based on their requirements.

Our project will have positive impact on “environmental sustainability” and participants’ entrepreneurship skills while increasing quality of work they undertake within their business.

Participants will be aware of their environmental footprint on their consumption and find out the ways to tackle with these problems with the implementation of virtual and face-to-face training programs designed within the project.