GILM – Global Innovative Leadership Module

Title : GILM – Global Innovative Leadership Module

Category : Entrepreneurship and Startups, Leadership, ICT Skills

Target Group : 18 – 30 Young People

Project Aims :

Past developments have shown that ICT-related occupations are much more resistant to crises than most other jobs. The market absorbs more than the annual output of ICT graduates from educational institutions. Consequently, today, investing in e-skills entails even greater opportunities and fewer risks. European Commission’s Publication “e-Leadership Skills for Competitiveness and Innovation” (2013), the job market demand rises by 227,000 e-leaders to a total of 915,000 people annually Europe-wide. et, economies cannot meet the adequate qualified supply. Global Innovative Leadership Module (GILM) project believes that one of solutions for the current young unemployment passes through the university or development and training on the ICT based capabilities after graduation. The growing importance of ICT for both business operations and innovation is an opportunity for professionals and youngsters who are e-skilled. The project aims to build competitive knowledge-based European youth societies through developing their e-leadership potential and creativity competencies; and to transfer these into a workable solution against youth unemployment by closing the gap between the more advanced and successful EU members and the countries lagging behind.

Outputs :

  • Training Guide and Assessment Toolkit on E-Leadership and Digital Competecences
  • e-leaderstochange Internet Platform (digital learning module & database and information exchange platform & monitoring and analysing tools & online open access courses belong to sub modules)

Activities :

  • Preparing O1 Training Guide and Assessment Toolkit
  • Developing O2 İnternet Platform
  • Transnational and Coordination Meeting
  • Tests of Produced Outputs İnternationally
  • E-Leaders For Bright Future Summit
  • Local Applications (Training)
  • Local Dissemination Activities
  • Cirriculum İntegrations
GILM – Global Innovative Leadership Module