FEGEP – Free Easy Global Education Project

Title : FEGEP – Free Easy Global Education Project

Category : Sustainable Development, Future Tech, Education

Target Group : The target audience of our project is the students and occupational professionals of electric-electronic technician and engineering.

Project Aims :

One of the main goals of Strategic Partnership in Erasmus+ program which will be implemented by EU Commission is to adopt innovative approaches in reaching the target audience, for example presenting more attractive educational and training programs as more compatible to individual’s need and expectations; using participative approach and methodology on the BIT basis; producing innovative or reformed processes in identifying and confirming improvements. The “Free Easy Global Education Project” – FEGEP project is directly related to exercising educational rights which is a fundamental human right. To this respect, the purpose of our project is to provide educational opportunities to all individuals as equal, accessible, free of charge, time independent, flexible and having a worldwide scope. The project education modules will be produced in areas which include Information/Communication Technology – and this is among the educational fields most required today according to surveys made by academicians, experts, and educators from different countries in the EU, and will be promoted via short films will be produced to appeal to the youth audience. Participants who completed the education module within the reated system will be given a certificate  approved by our project partner European IT Certification Institute and our partner universities and   valid across the EU.

Outputs :

  • FEGEP Online Learning Software
  • Online Education Contents (Design & Coding)

Activities :

  • Creating The Software System
  • Forming Education Contents
  • Chapter & Taping of Education Module
  • Montages & Technical Regulations & Certification Studies
  • Taping Beta Version of Online System
  • Dissemination Activities
FEGEP – Free Easy Global Education Project