Discovery, Design and Restoration of the Historical Structures

Title : Discovery, Design and Restoration of the Historical Structures

Category : Future Tech

Target Group : Students of construction engineering departments in universities and business professionals. 

Project Aims :

The purpose of project is to implement and apply “an innovative higher education curriculum to conduct the discovery and restoration of the historical structures by using ICT tools in an efficient manner” with the collaboration of international universities experienced in the field and private sector players This program aims to enable the students and business professionals to specialize in this field, and to ensure their employment by earning them the relevant qualifications in this very valuable field where there are not many qualified individuals.  One of our many goals is to add this program to the curriculum of our university and our partner universities as a selective course and moreover to disseminate it by means of publishing it as a public source through our interactive internet portal.  Furthermore, we would also like to build a network consisting of different universities of different countries and the representatives of the private sector, and through this network we plan to carry out concrete studies with the aim of protecting the historical structures throughout the EU. / strengthened by tutors, classroom trainings, and international seminar series.

Outputs :

  • Discovery & Design and Restoration Higher Education Certification System For Historical Structure Engineering
  • Discovery & Design and Restoration of the Historical Structures Higher Education Curriculum
  • Historical Structures Engineering Online Education Platform

Activities :

  • Forming Outputs and Contents
  • Pilot Vocational Training Programmes Applications
  • Cultural Heritage For Sustainable Future Summit
Discovery, Design and Restoration of the Historical Structures