We Empower Youth Workers with Digital Tools!

In the globalizing world, rapid technological developments are taking place and they dominate all areas of our lives. The environments of people and the way they communicate with each other are changing, and the people of our age are known as technology society, information society (https://bit.ly/2WeZ91K). This rapid change and development of technology have led to the inclusion of many innovations in the world of communication, and to the digitalization of communication technologies in every field. Thus, the digitalization process has been entered in every field such as social life, education, and working life.

In these days we are experiencing a crisis caused by Corona, which has gained the status of infectious disease worldwide; Many local and international activities such as project mobilities, training, meetings, and seminars have been suspended. Many countries continue to work and study remotely in order to maintain social distance thanks to digital solutions. Thus, it both ensures the continuity of work education and supports the social interaction of employees and students with each other. This has once again demonstrated the importance of digital tools.

Digital transformation shapes youth work, education, the labor market, social life, and interpersonal relations. With the development of technology, the world is getting smaller and changing our lives. Therefore, individuals need to improve their digital skills.

Based on this, we prepared our training course entitled We Empower Youth Workers with Digital Tools in order to enable youth workers to take an active role in developing and diversifying digital media environments, to create awareness about tools, to make the right meaning of the contents and to increase their digital competence.