Developing Entrepreneurship Education in Cultural and Creative Industries

The main objective of the CreaVET Project is to improve the entrepreneurial skills of young people working in the field of CCIs through an innovative VET programme. In a broader sense, the project has the following specific objectives; 1. Building a pioneering cooperation partnership with local and international CCIs 2. Improving entrepreneurial capacity of young professionals by developing a non-formal Creative Entrepreneurship Training Programme (CETPRO) 3. Minimising the entrepreneurial challenges of young professionals with one-month online Creative Entrepreneurship Training 4. Increasing real-life entrepreneurship experience of young professionals with a 5-day Peer to Peer Learning Activity 5. Guiding young professionals to develop their own business models and encouraging them to establish new creative start-ups 6. Developing a VET programme to respond to the special needs of CCIs Supporting youth entrepreneurship is an important factor in reducing unemployment. Increasing the entrepreneurial skills of young people, developing solid managerial skills and getting mentor support to establish their own businesses are some of the steps to be taken in this way. The CreaVET Project is planning activities to support young people working in cultural and creative industries, who want to start their own business or are looking for a job. These activities include training programs developed according to their needs, guidebooks and learning activities that will give them experience. SEE PROJECT DETAILS