DESO Music Career Development Center

Title : DESO Music Career Development Center             

Category : Sustainable Development, Entrepereneurship and Startups

Target Group : Students of Culture and Art Departments Departments of Universities

Project Aims :

The project “DESO MUSIC CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTER” aims to produce a career development programme which young people who want to make a career in music in this field become aware of national and international employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in this field, which they can improve their skills, which musician young people and experts from different countries exchange ideas and which can help to create career plans.This centre will include Online One-on-one advising, Informing their path, Training in job search (supporting an online software), education in freelancing & entrepreneurship, Networking opportunities, Career-building workshops & seminars, Job recruitment events & auditions, Alumni mentoring. The goal of our project fits with the main goals of E+ Strategic Cooperations -in terms of promoting the start of the innovative experiences in the fields of education instruction and youth; ensuring the increase of the capacity of young employment and their participation to the labor force- by supporting open education resources, open and flexible learning, virtual mobility and other innovative learning methods.

Outputs :

  • DESO Music Career Development Programme
  • Career Managament & Job Searching Online Software

Activities :

  • Implementing Need Analysis
  • Preparing an Analysis Report
  • Producing Big Data Analytic Learning Modüle
  • Developing Online and Distance Learning System
  • Training of Big Data Experts
  • Implementing Specalist Training Program
  • Creating And Developing Network
DESO Music Career Development Center