Creative Industries Capacity Building Program (CCIPRO)

Our project's goal is to improve the technical expertise of youth staff and specialists in the area of Culture and Creative industries, so that they can respond to the requirements of the youth in this field and improving the standard of youth work in this field. Our targeted objectives for our priority aim are as follows:

- To guarantee youth workers' career growth in the areas of entrepreneurship, enterprise advancement team cohesion and management, globalization, access to opportunities, time management, and guidance in order to address the demands of young people in creative industries.

- To insure that young people in the cultural and artistic sectors build the necessary qualifications through the involvement of youth workers and professionals in the organizations in which they are participating. By this way;

1) To improve the viability and success of the small businesses they own;

2) To make it easier for them to find work by strengthening their technical skills.

3) Improve their understanding of entrepreneurship as a career path by developing business models that effectively measure their skills. Our project contributes to the Erasmus+ goals of developing the technical skills of youth workers and expanding the potential of youth jobs, as well as promoting the growth of employment and entrepreneurship in the sector of culture and art.