Changemakers PRO : The Bridge to Silicon Valley

Title : Changemakers PRO : The Bridge to Silicon Valley

Category : Entrepreneurship and Startups, Future Tech

Target Group : Engineering faculty students between 18-25 years old.

Project Aims :

In today which is named as technological era, the most important entrepreneurship area is “Technological Entrepreneurship.” Promoting of technological entrepreneurship as an entrepreneurship area with the highest added-value has a key importance in terms of sustainable development aims of EU. Today, `` the biggest accommodation supplier in the world has NO hotels and again UBER the biggest transportation network has NO vehicles on their own. This is pretty inspiring to unify qualified entrepreneurship with up-to-date opportunities.Supporting entrepreneurship, especially technological entrepreneurship, should be one of our indispensables on the behalf of strengthening competitiveness, providing sustainable development, and reducing unemployment in EU Unfortunately it is not possible to talk about an extensive “entrepreneurship ecosystem” for young people in some EU countries yet.”Consequently young people’s getting support from this ecosystem and making a difference is lower than targeted level especially when compared to developed countries.”Changemakers PRO : The Bridge to Silicon Valley” is prepared based on this needs.We will combine EU Technical University’s extensive experience on technology with the institutions who have similar experiences in international field from USA which are one of the most advanced countries on technologic innovation and entrepreneurship in the world.(Germany is 5. ,USA is 4.)Also, we will develop an ecosystem to enable youngs to make difference on international scale by promoting them to technologic innovation with local and from EU exprienced partner organizastions. EU’s one of the first Technology Innovation Center that targets youngs, CBI LAB ‘s facilities settled in campus, will be used actively to support this concept.

Outputs :

  • TRIZ For Entrepreneurs Education Program
  • Changemakers PRO: The Bridge to Silicon Valley” Practical Entrepreneurship Programme

Activities :

  • TRIZ Edu. Program That Specialized on Techno Enterprise Ideas
  • Idea To Demo - Applied Demo Producting Programme / Maker Workshops
  • Entrepreneurship Project Managament Program (Online / Marketing / Finance / HR/ Business Plan)
  • DEMO DAY EVENT: Real Investors - Real Entrepreneurs
  • Commercialization
  • Changemakers Alumni - New Program Candidates Meeting
  • Identifying New Candidates and Going Back to The 1st Step
Changemakers PRO : The Bridge to Silicon Valley