Aviation and STEM Education Network : Ready to Fly !

Title : Aviation and STEM Education Network : Ready to Fly !

Category : Futute Tech, Education,

Target Group : High school teachers, high school students between 14-18 years old.

Project Aims :

According to the comprehensive research conducted by different organisations towards the STEM labor force expectation in 2014, it is predicted that the labor force areas will increase accordingly to the STEM areas within the next 5 years. Recently, we often heard the concepts, Industry 4.0 and digitalization require advanced STEM knowledge. USA is one of the world’s leading high-technology exports (17%) and the proportion of schools that provide STEM education in the USA is 19%. This rate is gradually increasing as the result of the action plan that was put into action in 2009. When we examine Europe, we see that this ratio is 12% in high technology-exporting countries such as Germany and France and it increases day by day. Despite some private schools carry out qualified studies on STEM Education.

“Aviation and STEM Education Network: Ready to Fly!” Project aims to produce an innovative STEM Curriculum and tools that can be used extensively in public high schools in Europe, starting from this analysis. In this context, it develops international cooperation and aims to create concrete effect by combining university and private sector experience with Ministry of National Education, which is a decision maker and implementer. Innovative and high-tech STEM curriculum and tools will be developed with the support of Virtual Reality technology in the aerospace industry, one of the world’s fastest developing and high-tech sectors. These tools will be applied to high school students with practical modeling of the aircraft.

Outputs :

  • Aviation & STEM Education High School Curriculum
  • Ready to Fly! Software
  • VR Simulation
  • readytoflybox Portal
  • Up-to-date Situation Need Analysis Research in STEM Training

Activities :

  • Ready to Fly! Producing STEM Training Set Box
  • To create STEM lesson plans with a total of 25 hours of practical training
  • To ensure that the curriculum produced by the project is approved and implemented as apilot scheme by policy makers
  • STEM and New Horizons with Aviation Summit
  • Blended mobility of school learners
Aviation and STEM Education Network : Ready to Fly !