AITE – Academy of International Techno Entrepreneurship

Title : AITE – Academy of International Techno Entrepreneurship

Category : Entreneurship and Startups

Target Group :Engineering students between 18-25 years old.

Project Aims :

The main aim of our project is to make up education module and training materials which will make easier to give Technologically Entrepreneurship Education with international qualification and high fertility by bring an innovator approach to faculty of engineering students which is the target audience that is close to reveal especially technologically enterprise. Within this scope an unexampled innovative techno entrepreneurship education module will be made up. As main training material “Techno Entrepreneurship Educator Box” will be produced in order to use in techno entrepreneurship training sessions with common education base which will be given to young people between 18-25 ages within project. The Techno Entrepreneurship Educator Box will be designed for educators who will lecture this subject and will be used in education by trainers. Production of the box, Booklet of Education Plans, Guidebook of Entrepreneur Educator, Entrepreneur Media DVD, Entrepreneur Educator Information Store CD, Entrepreneur Common Education Game Materials, Entrepreneur Progress Poster, Entrepreneur Educator Book, Online System Guide, Entrepreneur Diploma, Seal, poster and brochures of Introduction will take place. The education module will be carried out as the educator uses the contents of this box.

Outputs :

  • Techpreneur Box
  • Technological Entrepreneurship Education Module Software

Activities :

  • Studies of Forming Education Module Contents
  • Pilot Scheme of Techno Entrepreneurship Education Module
  • Academy of International Techno Entrepreneurship / Project Implementation
  • Summit of Technological Entrepreneurship Educator Education
AITE – Academy of International Techno Entrepreneurship