We are ready to share our expertise and exprience. Make us your partner !

EDI contributes to many international projects as a partner institution particularly in EU funded programs such as;  Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships( Youth,  Vocational Training, Higher Education, School Education, Adult Training), Cosme and Horizon.

EDI and its experienced experts carries out studies particularly in Sustainable Development, Future Tech, Entrepreneurship and Startups and in the fields below within several projects.

  • Preparation of research reports (within the scope of study fields)
  • Development of innovative training and activity programs, production of content,  and implementing trainings / activities (non-formal education, STEM, vocational training programs and tools production, career development, employment and guidance programs, soft skils development programs, innovative entrepreneurship and acceleration programs)
  • Development of Strategic Plan, Business Plan, Project Process Plans (Communication Plan, Dissemination Plan, Quality Management Plan, Monitoring and Evaluation, Sustainability and Dissemination Plans)
  • Innovative software, online learning, IOT, virtual reality, renewable energy sources, aeronautics studies.
  • Sustainability and dissemination activities (events, summits, access to Brussels based EU units and decision-makers, organizing general dissemination activities in EU thanks to the European Development Network)

Feel free to contact us by sending an email to to learn more about our several project experiences and contributions we can make to your project.

EDI Network

European Development Network is a network established by EDI and having a general secretariat and 12 different institutions within notably from EU countries.