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Seher Gümüş

Seher Gümüş is currently working as a proposal writer and project coordinator and she has been also responsible for finding partners within Europe under the requirements of the project calls. She has prepared technical and financial reports for different projects in several fields and she also has experience on preparing training materials and trainings for students and adults in line with the projects’ activities. She has bachelor and master degrees in food engineering from Hacettepe University. Later, she was awarded with an Erasmus Mundus scholarship with the double degree master program, AgrisMundus (Sustainable Development in Agriculture). Her first study year was on “Cooperative Organisations, Food Marketing and Rural Development” in the University College Cork (UCC)/Ireland. For the second year, she studied “Resources, Agricultural Systems and Development” in Montpellier SupAgro/France. In the meantime, she is working as a freelance auditor with NEPCon/Preferred by Nature, a Denmark-based company for Rainforest Alliance-Sustainable Agriculture Standards.

EDISeher Gümüş
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Hendrikje Meyvis

After a sabbatical year in Guinea, West Africa, Hendrikje decided to study social work. She then focused further on creative therapy – more specifically drama therapy. Hendrikje started her career incubating projects with socially vulnerable youth. Hendrikje also facilitates creative workshops with refugees, youngsters with a migration background and people with disabilities. A master in culture management and a tour through South America brought Hendrikje to her own company: Carpet of Life, in which innovation, international cooperation and crafts are central. She works with women in Morocco to preserve their cultural heritage and provide a fair income in a very isolated area. Hendrikje is passionate about social design, cultural diversity, co-creation and strategic processes. Since February 2016, Hendrikje works at iDROPS, mostly on diversity and inclusion.

EDIHendrikje Meyvis
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Nathalie Goethals

After a licentiate degree in Japanese Studies and a Master in Social and Cultural Anthropology, Nathalie was responsible for sponsorship projects in Belgium and abroad at both Unizo and VOKA. She continued her career for 10 years at the MEDIA Program of the European Commission for Flanders. During this last position, she started to study innovation and the associated processes and methodologies. She did so because of the lack of a hands-on approach in Flanders and the fact that it is lagging behind compared to Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon countries. From this profound interest, she has gradually built up expertise that has been further translated into the start of the iDROPS in 2010. Nathalie is the creative director of iDROPS and is passionate about developing new projects within the healthcare sector.

EDINathalie Goethals
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Esra Gönen

Esra Gönen is an entrepreneur mainly interest in Innovation and Design in Service and Creative and Cultural Industries. In 2009, she founded GNN Foreign Trade, an import/export consultancy firm, followed by GNN Office in 2014, the first co-working space for businesses in Izmir. After observing the impact of coworking and cocreation on local development, she cofounded ORIGINN COWORKING in 2016, where creative and social entrepreneurs work, socialise and develop projects collectivley. In 2017, she cofounded Merak Creative Activities and Culture Association to foster new work at the intersection of art, technology and innovation. Esrastudied Business at Dokuz Eylül University and holds an MA in International Business at Applied University of Mainz and London South Bank University.

EDIEsra Gönen
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Kerime Eskiocak

Kerime is a senior project manager creating Erasmus+ projects on entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development. She has been involved in many Youth in Action and Erasmus+ projects as project coordinator, trainer and project writer since 2011. She has wide experience of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships (KA2) Management. Kerime has graduated from Computer Engineering and she has also her own ICT company and has experienced start-up process. Regarding her experiences of a woman entrepreneur, she has found Active Volunteer Youth Organization to carry out projects, especially on women entrepreneurship and women employment. She has also volunteering experience since her university years and she has been involved in the TEMA Foundation and had a role as Environment Education Coordinator and Trainer for 3 years. She is still a volunteer in TEMA foundation and she is passionate about nature.

EDIKerime Eskiocak
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