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Izmir Design Factory

Title : Izmir Design Factory

Category : Youth Employment, Youth Unemployment, Sustainable Development

Description : İzmir Design Factory-IDF will be established in İzmir to advance knowledge and nurture leaders and innovators to anticipate, serve or solve societal and economic needs, through an integrated interdisciplinary education program, focused on developing the skills required by an ever-changing world and determined to co-create new knowledge and innovation with societal stakeholders.

The center, which will be established within Originn Coworking, Turkey’s largest coworking area, will focus on fashion, interior design, service design and food design taking advantage of the local capacity and needs of Izmir.

Young people who will participate in the certified and accredited vocational training programs to be created within the scope of the center will first intern at Porto Design Factory, one of the largest design centers in the EU located in Porto. Afterwards, they will develop innovative solutions by working in teams on design and innovation-based works to be taken from companies in Turkey and Europe, especially Izmir. The IDF, which will provide R&D support to corporate firms and SMEs from outside, will also provide young people with work and career experience by working directly with international teams.

Outputs :

1. IDF: The first Design Factory of Izmir will be established in Originn Coworking. A mini factory model consisting of machines, technical equipment and software to be needed in the fields of fashion, interior design, service design and food design.

2. IDF Vocational Qualification Programs: For the first time within the scope of our project, vocational training programs will be created in the fields of fashion, interior design, service design and food design based on ECVET principles.

3. IDF R&D Portal: An internet portal called will be established for the use of private sector, public, civil society and universities. Through this portal, institutions will install their problems in the system that they want to solve within the scope of their products and services. Teams in the IDF will make offers to address these issues and, if understood, take the job. In this context, the IDF will be guarantor and will provide added value by connecting institutions and young people through its physical space, technical equipment, training programs and corporate connections.

EDIIzmir Design Factory
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IYEC – International Youth Employment Center

Title : IYEC – International Youth Employment Center

Category : Youth Employment, Developing Skills

Target Group : Unemployed youth aged 18 – 30

Project Aims :

The aim of the Project is creating Young Capacity Development Program and an international learning platform for unemployed young people which help them to be employed with gaining basic skills:  effective communication, preparation for interviews, self-confidence, qualified work ethics, developing solution focused perspective, time management, teamwork, crisis management, innovative thinking, abilities such as flexibility and adaptation, learning to learn, basic and digital capabilities, cultural manner, key abilities such as active citizenship and entrepreneurship, international and national job/training.  With the International Young Employment Center (IYEC) which we intend to establish with the international cooperation created at this point, the preparation of the young for business life will be ensured by providing the young with these abilities. The goal of our project fits with the basic goals of Erasmus+ Strategic Cooperations -in terms of promoting the start of the innovative experiences in the fields of education, instruction and youth; ensuring the increase of the capacity of young employment and their participation to the labor force- by supporting open education resources, open and flexible learning, virtual mobility and other innovative learning methods. 

Outputs :

  • Young Capacity Development Program
  • Young Capacity Development Program Online Software

Activities :

  • Young Capacity Development Program Pilot Scheme
  • International Youth Employment Centre / Project Implementation
  • International Youth Employment Fair
  • Dissemination Seminars
EDIIYEC – International Youth Employment Center
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