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IYEC – International Youth Employment Center

Title : IYEC – International Youth Employment Center

Category : Youth Employment, Developing Skills

Target Group : Unemployed youth aged 18 – 30

Project Aims :

The aim of the Project is creating Young Capacity Development Program and an international learning platform for unemployed young people which help them to be employed with gaining basic skills:  effective communication, preparation for interviews, self-confidence, qualified work ethics, developing solution focused perspective, time management, teamwork, crisis management, innovative thinking, abilities such as flexibility and adaptation, learning to learn, basic and digital capabilities, cultural manner, key abilities such as active citizenship and entrepreneurship, international and national job/training.  With the International Young Employment Center (IYEC) which we intend to establish with the international cooperation created at this point, the preparation of the young for business life will be ensured by providing the young with these abilities. The goal of our project fits with the basic goals of Erasmus+ Strategic Cooperations -in terms of promoting the start of the innovative experiences in the fields of education, instruction and youth; ensuring the increase of the capacity of young employment and their participation to the labor force- by supporting open education resources, open and flexible learning, virtual mobility and other innovative learning methods. 

Outputs :

  • Young Capacity Development Program
  • Young Capacity Development Program Online Software

Activities :

  • Young Capacity Development Program Pilot Scheme
  • International Youth Employment Centre / Project Implementation
  • International Youth Employment Fair
  • Dissemination Seminars
EDIIYEC – International Youth Employment Center
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