Mustafa Memiş

Mustafa is a passionate entrepreneur, project creator, civil society activist and the founder of European Development Institute. Completed his bachelor’s degree in electronics and computer education. He then studied design thinking and Co-Creation at the Barcelona International Design University, specializing in design thinking and project management. Establishing his first non-governmental organization at the age of 20, Mustafa has led the establishment of 2 companies and 4 different NGOs in the field of development, entrepreneurship, education, and innovation to this day. He has enhanced his experience in the field of development, entrepreneurship, employment, and innovation by taking a role in the creation, management, and execution of more than 150 nationally and internationally funded projects, mainly European Union projects, since 2007. He has more than 50 publications about the designing training program, strategic plans, project design of all these previously mentioned areas. He mentors young entrepreneurs and civil society activists working in different areas.

EDIMustafa Memiş