Maria del Mar Rodriguez Yebra

She holds a MPhil in Nanotechnology and a MSc in Architecture. She is a senior scientific operations consultant and project manager.

Mar holds a MSci in Physics from Queen Mary University of London, and an MPhil from the London Centre for Nanotechnology and University College of London. Her academic research focused in investigating the properties and resilience of organic materials and their potential implementation in solar photovoltaic cells and organic light emitting devices as an alternative to conventional materials. Her interest in sustainability and the environment led her to further research at the Center for Alternative Technology (School of Computing and Technology, East London university) where she completed an MSc in Architecture and Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies.  Mar has worked at NGO’s and the private sector in Europe (UK, Belgium and Greece) and China.  Her experience includes R&D and on the implementation of EC-funded projects in science education, sustainable energy projects management and green infrastructures. Currently she is researching and developing her own projects on resilient shelter solutions in disaster prone areas, biomass alternatives and vernacular architecture for different climatic conditions. Mar is also passionate about cinema and has worked as an executive producer, art director and editor at two international award-winning documentaries on human rights and climate change.

EDIMaria del Mar Rodriguez Yebra