África Rodríguez

África defines herself as an activist of the collaborative culture. Five years ago, she left her fix job to become an entrepreneur. She founded a coworking space (Espacio Arroelo, in Pontevedra) with her partner María Pierres. She is the community builder of a community of with more than 70 members and the responsible of its international network by participating in Erasmus Plus programmes and as Host of the Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs.

She developed five employment and entrepreneurship programs (Arela, Colabora) for two public administrations (Pontevedra and Compostela) based on how the community helps you to increase your professional opportunities (2012-2018).

With her team Cuatro Sequoias and, in coordination with Pontevedra Council, she manages A Redeira, a space of freedom and collective inspiration to strength the citizenship participation through a collaborative bank of time. A Redeira is inspired in the program La Colaboradora from Zaragoza Activa.

She is the leader mentor of Rufo&Co a project focused on helping young people to become coworkers in coworking spaces in order to get inspiration to develop their dreams, ideas, and projects.

She has participated, for the last three years, as speaker in the annual Coworking Spain Conference. She also loves to organize activities to co design new ideas and create a more sustainable world (ex. Hackaton for Refugees; Pontejam).

She has a double degree in Law and political sciences by Carlos III University (Madrid). Master in European Law by Carlos III University (Madrid). Master in Public Management by Instituto de Empresa Business School. Team coaching Certificated by (International Coaching Community.

EDIÁfrica Rodríguez