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New Horizons for Young Entrepreneurs: Coworking Culture

New Horizons for Young Entrepreneurs: Coworking Culture

– In the project, a Co-working session was held together with energising games. In the Co-working session, topics such as “What is Co-working?”, “What is Co-working culture?”, “History of Co-working” were explained to the participants by the facilitator.

– The facilitator divided the participants into groups. Each group was given a keyword related to entrepreneurship and asked to explain these keywords to each other in different ways. The groups who completed their tasks presented these keywords and the listening groups tried to guess what this keyword was. The groups presented these keywords in various ways by preparing posters, taking photographs describing the keyword, playing silent theatre, shooting videos and storytelling. Interactive and fun presentations helped the participants to learn these concepts in a good way.

– “How to become a successful entrepreneur?” workshop was organised.

– International or online free or affordable platforms and opportunities where entrepreneurs can develop themselves were introduced. Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs programme was also explained in detail in this workshop presented by the facilitator. Afterwards, the participants were asked if they had benefited from any of these programmes and the experienced participants shared their experiences with the participants.

– The participants were asked to choose one of the problems in their neighbourhoods and make innovations that would bring solutions to these problems. Participants were divided into groups. The facilitator explained the root problem analysis methods, brainstorming methods, the importance of teamwork and important factors in teamwork (team communication, conflict resolution, etc.). After these sessions, in which the questions of the participants were answered and their experiences were shared, the participants chose a problem with their groups. They applied the root problem analysis methods they learnt against the problems step by step.

– Coworking office visit was organised.


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