We all know that combating climate change and environmental pollution is an important issue for the European Union.
So what does the European Union’s environmental policy aim?
The environmental policy of the European Union is to ensure sustainable development by preventing, reducing and preventing pollution, ensuring that natural resources are used in a way that does not harm the ecological balance, and to ensure the prevention of environmental damage at the source and the integration of environmental protection with other sectoral policies (energy, transport, etc.). aims.
The healthy life of humanity and all living things in the world is included in environmental policies as well as for many reasons. As European Development Network, we attach great importance to environmental policy and support ideas on this issue.
Our member GEO in Turkey has a project in this area: International Green Innovative Entrepreneurship and Employment Center. The objectives of this project are as follows;
  • To develop innovation based green entrepreneurship ecosystem as well as establishment of mechanism for this.
  • To encourage young people to produce environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.
  • To launch Turkey’s first green Entrepreneurship and innovative employment center.
  • To increase the capacity of young people through training, counseling, capacity building and research activities and to contribute to the solution of the problem of adaptation between labor supply and demand.
  • To establish sustainable cooperations and create effect at European Scale by strategic partnerships approach.
Project’s website : http://site.greenovate.net/
You can read our blog post about green entrepreneurship here.
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