Project Details

Project Description

Creative Upcycling for Sustainable Art & Design: Building Creative Upcycling Community (Crea-Up Project)

– Crea- UP Platform

Crea-Up platform will also provide its members online catalog service, capacity building training, business model development guide, and communication and networking services such as knowledge-experience sharing.

– Crea-Up Guide

An instruction guide in e-book format about 40 pages and available in 4 languages (English, French, German and Portuguese. This e-book will guide the members of the community on how they can do business on the platform, sharing catalogs, creating a profile, taking orders and customer relations.

– Strategic Plan for Crea-UP Business Model

– Crea-UP Training Content

– Project Management meetings

– Organizing Creative Upcycling Conference Series

– Organizing Local Crea-Up Exhibition Series

– Selection of Creative Upcycling Community Members

– Organizing 10-day Crea Up Working Lab

– Co-creation Activity with Workshop Series


Project Outputs

Outputs will be uploaded soon.