The European Development Network Summit’s Projects

The European Development Network Summit has shown its importance with the help of all of its members and participants of the Summit. During the Summit, 7 different consortiums for 7 different project ideas were established with the involvement of 37 institutions!

The European Development Network, together with its members, is preparing to bring these great ideas to life with the upcoming funding opportunities. The EDN continues to work hard to provide for its members, with the help of all! As we say here at the EDN, #bettertogether.


Social and Physical Inclusion of Paraplegic Youth by Using Virtual Reality

People living with disabilities encounter obstacles on a daily basis that make the world less accessible. One billion people in the world have some sort of disability and these individuals must deal with physical barriers, discriminatory attitudes, and other challenges. Virtual reality provides opportunities for many for socialization, adventure, and experiences they may not in the real world.
VR technology completely blends in with our daily lives. Video games, the media, medicine, entertainment, education… But what is it exactly?