Now Sprint! Accellerator Program

We are happy to introduce our partnership with the Now Sprint! Accelerator Program! This is an accelerator program by Stage-Co. European Development Network will be a supporting partner of the Program.

PeaceCraft 2.0 – Let’s Craft Peace Together

Refugees and migration are controversial and polarising topics across Europe. However, increasing diversity is a reality that brings opportunities and challenges. Instead of deepening the division on the topic, more than ever constructive dialogue is essential. Moreover, today (young) refugees are a part of society. To overcome the growing tension in society and to seize opportunities, youngsters have to work together to design the solutions of tomorrow.
PeaceCraft project, a best practice that took place in Flanders, Belgium and was executed by !DROPS and U Move 4 Peace, the socio-artistic component of the peace movement Pax Christi Vlaanderen. Both organisations started this project from the realisation that youth workers (and teachers) lack the tools to engage in a meaningful debate about refugees.