2. Solution Suggestion – 7 Steps to Success in Erasmus + Strategic Partnership Projects

We need to bring a solution suggestion to the problems which we determined in detail to create a realistic impact in the previous phase of this blog “1. Problem Analysis – 7 Steps to Success in Erasmus + Strategic Partnership Projects” This suggestion should emphasize on issues like innovation, open source, developing digital skills, inclusion in the program in order to be considered as an appropriate idea within Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships.


The following steps can help us to solve the problems we identified in the problem analysis phase of the project cycle;

1. You can be sure that you are not the first one who is trying to solve these problems. Thousands of successful projects are carried out every year on in the world.
We can use same approaches applied in successful projects that have proven it’s effectiveness in solving similar problems by adapting them to the needs of our own project by making innovative improvements, of course. In fact, including institutions that have already carried out successful projects to solve similar problems, as partners or stakeholders will seriously increase the efficiency of our project.
So make an extensive  research on the internet. Successful models from many projects can be implemented in your own project by adding innovations, and you can increase the success rate of your project with experienced institutional partnerships.
At this point you can get support from EDI which have different specializations across the EU and have carried out dozens of projects. For information

2. Innovation is the most important word of the 21st century. This approach keeps the efficiency of projects high and number of individulas and institutions that try new things with open-mindedness are supported by a lot of decision maker institutions. One of the most important of these is the European Commission. Innovation is at the top of the priority list when it comes to Erasmus + Strategic Partnership Program.
A project can contain many innovations in variety of fields. For the Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnership projects, the most important component in a project structure to prove the innovative side of a project is “outputs”. The outputs we are going to produce in the project must serve for the purpose of the project. It is also important that it should absolutely be easily accessible, open-sourced and easily disseminated. Have a look at a few suggestions below to produce innovative output:

Quality partnership and expertise will give you a quality guarantee on the outputs to be produced. Herein, you can benefit directly from qualified project experts as they are already following the latest trends in their own field. The key point here is that the project consortium can provide a free environment for professionals in the project to use their expertise. No opinion should be rejected directly with a NO, brain storming should be promoted and in-depth research should be done. Bringing together at least 2 different specialists when producing an output will be a practical measure and provide diversity to make sure that outputs are innovative.

– Using technology in our projects is one of the most important tools as an innovative approach for us who live in the age of information technologies. Today, there are millions of problems solved simply and efficiently through using technology.
A technological output you will produce within your project can solve many of your problems easily and efficiently as well. For this reason, give wide coverage to technology if it is in line with your project objectives. If you have the idea of ​​producing a technological output that has not been tried before, DO NOT MISS! This may revolutinize the problem you are trying to solve, which will change the lives of many people and the project evaluators will love it. The innovative approach often brings great results when combined with technology.

– There are many methods developed to produce innovative solutions. It would be wise to use these methods for the problems you are trying to solve in your project to produce an effective output. In this context, we recommend you to try one or more of the following links and make a research on this topic. Learning innovation techniques will open up new horizons for all the project processes and individual routines that you manage.

– There have been many different projects carried out within Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnership framework so far and different outputs have been produced to solve several problems in today’s world. Taking inspiration and use previously produced outputs from other projects can be a successful method. As we mentioned in the previous section, establishing partnership with successful organizations and individuals who are expert in the particular field that you will focus on will increase productivity in your project. You can find output ideas produced by EDI that can inspire you

If you want to get EDI as partner to develop your project, feel free contact us.
You can also visit the Erasmus + Project Results page created by the EU Commission:
The following link, which is the continuation of our blog series on establishing a convenient partnership for successful projects as we often emphasized in the sections above, can also help you.

3. Erasmus + Partnership Structure – 7 Steps to Success in Erasmus + Strategic Partnership Projects

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